Why Working at Nike is Even Better Than You Expected


I recently had the opportunity to talk with Brittney Orth, University of Oregon graduate who now works as a communications specialist for Nike in Portland. For many (including me), Nike is the dream job. It is trendy, innovative and exciting. It was always Brittney’s goal and since being hired on in 2014, it has been even more than she had hoped for.

Nike is not only product-oriented but also employee-oriented. Here is why working for Nike better than you ever imagined.

Encourage networking: Nike encourages internal networking. It is a fast-paced company with lots of opportunity for promotion and movement. Employees are encouraged to take two to three hours out of their schedule every month to grab a cup of coffee or have an informational meeting with other employees. This helps employees learn about different departments amidst a large company and determine where they might like to move in the future.

Help build your skill set: Nike funds workshops so that their employees can improve their skill sets. If employees are interested in improving their skills in programs applicable to their job duties, Nike sets them up with workshops and classes. Nike wants its employees to continue growing as professionals, working toward their career goals.

Nike is people-oriented. It not only wants its company to succeed but its employees to thrive, recognizing these results go hand-in-hand. Talking with Brittney, I was able to look past the swoosh and get a glimpse of what makes the brand so successful.

Our conversation helped me see that networking and skill development does not stop in college or after you land your first job. There is always something else you can learn or some way you can improve your work. Looking ahead, to graduation in spring 2016, I hope to find a job with a similar atmosphere, a place that encourages networking and skill development, like Nike. From what I see, it fosters valued employees that want to excel.

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