A Foot In The Door


This weekend I had an amazing opportunity to volunteer for the PAC 12 Women’s Basketball Tournament in Seattle, Washington. I had no idea what to expect. I went into the weekend knowing I had four days, 11 games and a lot to do ahead of me. I had never worked a tournament of this caliber before. Nevertheless, I packed my bags and made the five-hour drive from Eugene to Seattle late Wednesday night ready for anything thrown my way. The tournament started Thursday morning and I hit the ground running passing out stats, coordinating with each teams’ SID and delegating volunteers.

Most of you are probably thinking why would I go all the way to Seattle to run around and pass out stat sheets. Well, that’s where you start in sports. I jump at every opportunity presented to me because I never know where it will lead me. Yes, I expected to pass out stats and help with some grunt work, but what I didn’t expect was the level of generosity and kindness from the PAC 12 staff. Nearly everyone I met took it upon themselves to learn something about me, remember my name, check in with me, and talk to me about the sports industry.

I feel at ease that I am heading in the right direction in terms of a career in sports PR. This weekend motivated me to continue going after opportunities and networking. Women’s basketball holds a special place in my heart. After playing for 10 years, I have loved staying involved in the game while working towards my career goals. This weekend has helped me narrow my focus and interest in sports PR. I am looking forward to more opportunities that accelerate my career and where they lead me.

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