A Blank Book

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A few days ago, I met with one of my advisors, Lori Shontz, to discuss the development of my senior thesis. Heading into the last term of my junior year, I realized that the looming idea of my thesis was not something I could put off any longer.

Lori and I met through my involvement in Oregon’s chapter of the Association of Women in Sports Media. When I mentioned that I was interested in exploring the topic of the role of women in sports media for my honors thesis, she quickly asked if I needed an advisor.

A few weeks ago, Lori challenged me to read, to read as much as I could, and develop a base knowledge about women in sports media. She gave me the names of reporters, organizations, professors, books and studies. I frivolously wrote down everything she said and spent the next two weeks doing exactly what she told me to do, read.

This was probably the most enjoyable deadline anyone has ever given me. Reading articles about the sports industry and how women are represented in it was not just a means of procrastination anymore. It was my first step in the development of my thesis.

When we met about my progress a few days ago, we found ourselves lost in conversation about the issues and topics I found compelling and worth questioning. After talking for an hour, we narrowed my focus and set goals for our next meeting.

Before I left, she pulled a small notebook out of her bag. She asked me, “Do you have one of these?” Although it seemed to be just a simple notebook, Lori knew it could be much more to me. She encouraged me to get one and to use it to write down the random thoughts, questions, names, quotes and inspirations that come to me during this process.

So now, I have my first of many notebooks. It is small, black, unlined and simple. Today it starts its story.

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