How to Reach Diverse Audiences The Heineken Way

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Interested in helping your company reach more diverse audiences? Looking to reach a more diverse group of employees, customers or stakeholders? Here are the four simple steps that organizations across the world are implementing. Heineken USA used these tactics to accomplish its diversity goals and so can you.

1. Assess – Determine what your goals are. Ask yourself, who are you trying to reach? And how are you going to communicate your message? For Heineken this was a simple yet ambitious goal. It wanted to establish its self as an employer committed to diversity internally, to vendors, to the community, and in marketing. It planned to communicate this message on all platforms.

2. Research – Start strategizing. Conduct research based on your goals. This may have to do with your organizations diversity or the public’s perception of it. This step is extremely important to get a feeling for how customers, employees, vendors and the community feel about you. Heineken went through these same steps. Its focus was to find information about the perception of their company’s pledge to diversity.

3. Implement – Create a company-wide diversity statement that targets internal and external audiences. Then execute your campaign on all applicable platforms. Heineken went about this by creating the Heineken Diversity Council, a team dedicated to articulating the company’s diversity mission. The messaging they came up with was, “Our best ingredients are the talents of our people.” This campaign became an integral part of all of Heineken’s communication and was executed on all platforms.

4. Evaluate – Measure your organization’s success based on your goals. Were you looking for a more diverse group of job applicants, clients, vendors or opportunities? Was your campaign successful? If not, what could have been done better? Once you have looked at all the data, consider next steps. How will your company move forward and continue pursuing their diversity statement? Heineken achieved amazing results from its campaign. The company increased the diversity of its application pool and met their communication goals. To sustain this momentum their Diversity Council established a long-term action plan for future employees and created a corporate position that will continue to reinforce its mission.

The key to these steps is to make them your own. Your company will likely have different goals, messaging and audience than Heineken. In any case, follow these four steps, apply them to your own story, and you are well on your way to reaching more diverse audiences.

Find case study here.

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