A Look Back

A new year usually means a new plan, a new goal and new direction. This year, before I start looking forward I want to take some time to reflect. 2014 was good to me. Here are the highlights.

1. I put on my first solo event, Best of Campus, while working for the Emerald Media Group. My team and I were able to increase voters by 19.8% and planned the first annual award ceremony that 51 people attended.

2. 2014 was the year of 20 year olds. My friends helped me ring in my 20th birthday as I helped them. I love birthdays, I think everyone deserves a day for them to be recognized, loved and celebrated. Looking back on all of these special days they all share three things in common: laughter, dancing and great company. Here’s to 2015, the year of 21 year olds.

3. My roommates (Emma and Lauren) and I toured California for spring break. We saw everything we possibly could in a week, starting at my house in the small town of Los Gatos, then venturing to Tahoe and San Francisco for a good mix of relaxation and fun!

4. I landed my dream internship with the University of Oregon athletic department. As a communications intern, I have found myself in press conferences, media days, the press box and locker rooms. I am currently working with the women’s basketball team. Giving back to a sport I love while working towards my career has been more than I ever expected.

5. I spent my first summer in Eugene. This is definitely something every student should do if they have the chance. I worked during the days and spent my evenings in great company, taking in the beauty of Oregon summers.

6. A summer in Eugene wouldn’t be complete without Country Fair. My best friend, Emma, has grown up in Eugene and has been going to Country Fair her whole life, so I tagged along with her family for debatably the most memorable four days of my life. The people, atmosphere and experience is indescribable. It is worth going even if you don’t think it is “your thing”. There are food vendors, music, shows and so much more. I hope to be back again.

7. I ventured to the Oregon coast. After a few hour car ride and long search for the beach I saw the Pacific Ocean from Oregon. This wasn’t a California beach. We parked a mile away, hiked over dunes, felt weeds in the sand and were wearing multiple layers in the middle of July, but still what a sight. Despite the chill, it was beautiful and the smell of the ocean was just as crisp as home.

8. I visited my friend Mairi in Seattle for a fun weekend before starting our junior year of college (I still can’t believe it). We were tourists for the day, shopping, riding the ferris wheel and visiting Pike’s Place and the original Starbucks. Seattle is such a fun city and definitely at the top of my list to move after graduation.

9. I moved into my sorority house. Living with over 50 girls in a beautiful mansion, it is true that there never a dull moment, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. There is always a friend down the hall ready to explore, make food with or just chat.

10. This fall my Nana and Pappap visited me in Eugene. The weekend was perfect with great food, a win for the Ducks, a walk, good conversation and the best grandparents.


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